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viernes, 8 de octubre de 2010

Wulfgar - 2007 - With Gods and Legends Unite

Emil "Ewil" Augustsson - Vocals
Jimmie "Jimsan" Mattisson - Guitar
Reine Karlsson - Guitar (2008-)
Morgan "Mogge" Löfstedt - Bass
Thommy "Grandmaster T" Lindskog - Drums

Death/Viking Metal

2.Cleansed by Fire04:41
3.Weapons of Flesh04:15
4.Heimdal's Horn03:53
6.This Pagan Blood04:55
7.Return From Hel04:21
8.Kneel to the Hammer of Thor05:19
9.He Stands Alone05:57
10.On A Battlefield In Midgard I Will Die04:55
11.Brothers of War (Into Valhalla They Ride)04:35
12.A Wolf's Tale (Bonus Track)04:24

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