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martes, 12 de octubre de 2010

Temnozor - 2002 Sorcery of Fragments

Rodoslav - vocals
Leshiy - drums
Kaldrad Branislav - vocals (currently not in band)
Stanislav - guitars
Svyagir - keybaords
Meschar - bass
Ratibor - flutes, vocals

Pagan folk Metal

01 Sorcery is Strengthening the B
02 Be Oden Narod Slavensk
03 Did-Dup-Snop
04 Wintry Dream
05 Maslenitza
06 Glorification of the Fallen On
07 Prince of the Sacred Silence
08 the Crowns of Ancient Oa
09 From the Melted Snows Thee Sha
10 Silvery Waters (Intro)
11 Pagan Sunrises = the Faith of
12 Shine, Fire in the Night
13 As A Fragment of Unseen Myster
14 The Snow and the Steel (Outro)

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